Washing Machine Cyce Resets at Rinse back to Wash

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWashing Machine Cyce Resets at Rinse back to Wash
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
My wpre6150k2wt will reset mid-cycle (at about the 17/19 minute mark) on all cycles except drain&spin to the Wash cycle and will then show 26 minutes remaining. This is an endless cycle. The repairman has been out twice and has tried to diagnose. The last visit he indicated the board was fried and would need replacement. I have done so, but the issue has not been resolved. I've pulled the front and do not see any error diagnosis lights (actually none at all) on the motor. So I am wondering if this means a bad fuse or short somewhere? Any assistance would be welcomed.

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