Washer won’t perform second spin cycle

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Whirlpool Washing MachineWasher won’t perform second spin cycle
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have an older washing machine that is getting finicky in it's old age. It has started recently leaving clothes in water after cycle is done. I watched the cycle and here is what it does. 1. Tub fills with water 2. Fast agitation for a few minutes 3. pause 4. Slow agitation for a few minutes 5. pause 6 washer spins and drains 7 pause 8 washer fills for rinse cycle 9 pause 10 when timer gets to the spin cycle, washer starts adding water at intervals like it would normally while it is spinning, but no spin, no pump. 11 timer stops at the end of the cycle, tub still full of water. I would think that since the washer will spin out the first time that the pump, agitator, and transmission are working. Would this be the timer?? I have tried the spin cycle on other cycles like permanent press and delacate and they don't work either. This seems like a timer issue to me, but since it's $135 I would like to be sure before ordering one. Any help would be appreciated. THank you for taking the time to read my post.