Washer won’t drain

Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Washes but will not go into rinse cycle on any settings; therefore won't drain
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Sounds like the timer-switch is dirty or worn. If the timer is stuck, (it never reaches the end of the cycle on it's own) the gear teeth are probably worn in that spot.<br><br>If the timer works, it just misses the rinse cycle, you may be able to access the contacts and clean them. If the gears are worn or broken, you will probably have to replace the whole assembly. So, it sounds like a bad timer switch.

rstacy replied 9 years ago

I know this sounds crazy… The engager on the lid is still in place and the door safety switch is still in place. However, its like the plunger/engager is too short. it doesnt appear anything has changed. I lengthened the engager and it now works….??

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