Washer spin cycle appears to not be working

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My washer is approx 5 years old and just recently the spin cycle has stopped working. it will drain but everything is still soaking wet. I am admittedly not a super savvy fix it guy, but I can follow instructions well. I did try a master reset but that didn't appear to do anything. I would like to avoid having to pay for someone to come out, so if there are other things I can try/check, I would really appreciate your help!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Is it a top load washer? If so it most likely the lid switch. If a front loader, it most likely just needs the filter cleaned. Please give details including model number.

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Anonymous answered 9 years ago
It is a GE, WHRE5550k2WW top loading washer. It did complete the cycle on small load/light wash settings but I also kind of jiggled the lid a little once closed, wondering about the lid switch when I have read some troubleshooting. 
The lid switch is in the front corner right? I heard a slight click when I tried to replicate what I just did. Could this be where the issue lies? Maybe a loose connection?    Sorry for for so much info, just trying to be more thorough than the first message. Thanks for all help!!