Washer Belt not tight? Unique spin cycle problem

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My washing machine (a GE profile) recently froze up during a spin cycle and we smelled burning rubber. I replaced the belt, believing that was the problem. I ran an empty load and everything went fine. Believing I had fixed the problem, I ran a medium sized load and discovered the machine would agitate fine, but when the spin cycle began, it wouldn't spin. I removed the wet clothes, tried it again and the spin worked fine! Here's where it gets unique. I began dropping clothes in one u one during the spin cycle and it continued to work great all the way to the finish! I'm wondering if the belt isn't tight enough or if a motor or clutch issue. Please help!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Your best bet would be to see if there is a pulley that is loose that is somehow moving once there is extra clothing in the tub. Also the clutch could be on the fritz so have a look at that to see if you can see if it is working properly.

jaycue replied 9 years ago

Thanks! I’ll check into it!

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