Uline ULN-15 beverage refrigeration center won’t cool

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Uline undercabinet model ULN-15RB-00 stopped cooling. I pulled unit out. Checked/vacuumed coils. Light comes on and a fan or motor is running. Door seal appears fine. Light goes out when I close door. Got new thermostat and installed but fan/motor didn't come on. Bypassed thermostat and fan/motor did come on, so got another new thermostat and installed. Back panel started to cool right away. Several hours into being "on" #6 (range is 1-7) the unit was 30 degrees...turned dial down to #4 and left for several hours...unit then was 60 degrees...turned dial back up to #6 and checked next morning...unit was at 70 degrees but back panel was still cool (not really cold). When I replaced the thermostat the second time the back panel actually started to get a little frost on it. There is still the sound of a motor/fan...what to do now? This little unit is $1700 now. We purchased it in 2001. What are my best options? Very few service tech's come into my area because we're 30 miles out of town up 6000 feet. I can take it to someone...is that the next best thing to do at this point? Or...should I be looking at replacing the unit.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

If you have cleaned the coils, door seal is ok, replaced the thermostat, and compressor is running…. Then more than likely the compressor may be shot. If there is no frost or only frost in one area then you have a compressor problem or are out of freon or are low on freon. All of these will be expensive repairs so usually it makes more sense to invest those dollars in a new unit.

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