Troubleshooting Kenmore fridge not cooling

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Robin asked 5 years ago
I have a Kenmore fridge model number 253.68882014 that won't cool. the coil fan runs and the vents blow warm air.  A clicking happens every minute or so but the compressor doesn't run. After some research and troubleshooting these are my results with an Extech 430 true rms multimeter. compressor tests at 11.5/7.3/4.8 ohms on the pins.  The readings were always changing a little but they tended to settle most on these numbers.  No shorts to the case from any pins. The relay doesn't rattle when shaken and isn't burnt.  It tested 8 ohms across the bottom two pin holes (run and start I believe but not marked). The capacitor doesn't show any reading for resistance (displays 0.L). When plugged in and turned on the power wire running to the relay builds up to 8 amps then to zero when the click happens and will repeat this. From my research online it seems the capacitor is the problem with no reading coming from it, but I was unsure if the compressor readings were acceptable.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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