Troubleshooting a Non-Functioning GE Adora Freezer Ice Maker

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Ice MakerTroubleshooting a Non-Functioning GE Adora Freezer Ice Maker
Joe Pregler asked 1 year ago
I own a GE Adora Refrigerator/Freezer, model DFE28JMKBES, and I'm facing an issue with the freezer ice maker – it has suddenly stopped producing ice. The fridge's door ice maker is functioning correctly, dispensing water and making ice without any problems. However, the freezer ice maker isn't filling its tray with water, which is the root cause of it not making ice. I've tried defrosting everything overnight, but this didn't resolve the issue. Additionally, I've replaced the water valve that supplies water to the freezer ice maker, but still, there was no improvement. Going a step further, I even replaced the main control board, yet the problem persists. Upon investigating more, I confirmed that the hoses are not blocked, as I checked the hose running from the valve to the freezer. Water seems to flow into the filter through the tube just fine, but the issue arises with another tube that exits the filter area and feeds the valve, which then supplies the freezer ice maker. This particular tube coming out of the filter doesn't seem to push any water. When I disconnected it and activated the ice maker, the water didn't even reach the valve. At this point, I'm out of ideas. It appears that the problem isn't with the freezer ice maker itself, as it simply isn't receiving any water. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or insights. Thank you for your help! Joe

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