Troubleshoot washer error code SD and now won’t spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesTroubleshoot washer error code SD and now won’t spin
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Maytag Bravos Quiet Series 300 ( Mod# MVWB400VQ0 ) Top Loader (no visible agitator). A few weeks ago, error code "Sd" (suds or slow drain) appeared on display. Stopping cycle (any) and re-starting would help for a while to bypass error. I have changed detergents (always HE) recently. The error code would cause the washer to perform a routine to correct the problem because the display timer would not progress per usual. Troubleshooting: used only water during cycle; removed the pump & hoses. Pump was fine on multimeter; discovered pennies, lint within drain hoses. Could not reach other coins within plastic housing due to strainer at base of tub connecting to drain hose. Washer drains, but some remains, not in tub. Now it won't spin at all and timer will not move past "spin" time remaining, even on "Drain & Spin". Tub appears to "wiggle" every couple of seconds (back panel removed) but does not do anything. I cannot see the belt or motor nor locate schematics online. I need to know if turning machine over or tilting to access base will help. I want to remove bottom plastic to access belt, etc. since it's not visible. I'm not sure if computer board is problem. Lid locks. No smells. Could something be trapped underneath "agitator"? Any guidance would be great because I need to know if it's worth the trouble.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

If you have done the work on the drain pump and all is ok (since you found objects inside) the belt would be the next thing to check. Could be a tensioner issue, pulley, and or belt. Possibly even a bearing issue if the tub wiggles. Remove the bottom and have a look.

androidprof replied 9 years ago

Thanks for your response. I didn’t notice a belt in the schematics. I removed the washer plate and didn’t find any blockages. I’ll take off the stator and go from there. I’ll respond with an update. Any videos out there specific to my model? Thanks so much.

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

You could check YouTube for something that matches your issue. What did you find? Did you need to replace any parts?

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