Top load Haier washer will not spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hi Haier HLP23e won't spin. It drains and agitates just fine. What part do I need to replace?. I have a top load washer, Haier HLP23E, that won't spin. Initially it didn't drain and I washed a few loads with improper draining by starting and stopping it at the drain cycle to let it drain using gravity. Then it stopped spinning. I have replaced the pump and it drains just fine now. But I still can't get it to spin. It will go through a full wash cycle (draining and agitating fine), but when it gets to the final spin it stops and resets to the last rinse cycle. If I don't manually stop the rinse cycle, it will just keep rinsing and draining without moving to the spin cycle. What part is it that needs to be replaced? Thanks for any help!

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Pablo answered 7 years ago
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