Timer buzzing but washing machine is not spinning

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

My Whirlpool Ultra Care will not spin.
I replaced the start capacitor and the machine worked for one light load.
Then the second load was heavy and the machine stopped again.
Now when I put the timer on spin and pull the timer knob out the only noise is a buzzing from the timer.
If I pull the timer out hard then I can here the motor make some noise.

I already change the start capacitor. I check the pump it is not blocked. I can blow air through the water pressure tube.
And the start switch seems to work. And I tried resetting the motor by unplugging the washer for 1 minute and lifting the
lid 6 time with in 12 seconds ( note the reset did work after I replaced the start capacitor – but machine died again on a heavy load).
Could the problem be causing the start capacitor to burn out?

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