Thermidor Refrigerator Halogen Lights Not Working

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Rob Fry asked 1 year ago
Thermidor Refrigerator. T30170NSP/45The bottom produce drawer has an above light. I was changing out the G4 bulb. It was difficult to remove. I used a flat head screwdriver to get the bulb out. I must’ve touch both prongs and shorted out something. The light socket no longer works. Also, The right side panel lights of the frig are now not working. The left works along with everything else in the fridge. The tray that the light socket sits in has two sets of wiring that are connect to the back of the frig. The left side is for the produce drawer control and it works. I guessing it joins up with the left sided light panel. The right side where the light socket plugged into and I am guess joins up with right side panel lights. I turned off the breaker for 30-minutes. It has no changes. I’m guessing it’s not the light socket because it’s the end of the circuit. I don’t think if I change it out it would fix it but I could be wrong. Is there a reset button? I’m guessing I’m gonna have to replace the control board? Please let me know what you think. Thanks

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