Tappan Oven Flame Too High – Gas to LP

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B Caslow asked 4 years ago
I have an older Tappan oven that I converted from natural gas to LP. see pictures below... Tappan Oven Flame Too High - Gas to LP Tappan Oven Flame Too High Tappan Oven I don't know the model number as the tag cannot be read. I can barely make out part of a serial number. I have switched the gas regulator from Nat Gas to LP, adjusted the air control shutters for the stove top burners, switched the oven's pilot light from Nat Gas to LP (behind oven control knob) and adjusted the oven burner shutter (ended up with it completely closed). The stove top burners work great My problem is the flame height of the oven. The flames actually shoot way past the flame deflector and up into the oven! They are also very yellow. I have searched the internet but cannot find anything helpful. ANY help at all -- like maybe this unit has a separate orifice for the oven -- would be very much appreciated!

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