Summit Beverage Cooler SCR1841 Will Not Cool

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Scott asked 4 years ago
Summit Beverage Cooler appears to be running (fans, circuit board, LED display, all power up) but compressor does not kick on. I replaced the QP2-4R7 relay with a new one. The old one did have something floating around inside so I assumed it was fried. Still does not want to kick over. I am not sure where the capacitor is (maybe buried in a behind a panel). The unit always made a loud clunk when the compressor kicked in...not anymore. Could the problem be the overload (B75-120) that is next to the relay? The odd thing is that everything seems cool to the touch on the outside (when it is normally hot). Almost as if it is running in reverse....could just be that I am used to it being warmer under normal operation...don't know. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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