Stuck Door on GE WCVH4800K2WW washing machine

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Zac asked 5 years ago
I have a GE Compact washing machine of which the model number is WCVH4800K2WW. The door is stuck and can not be opened. I removed the front panel to get to the solenoid lock and was surprised to see that the screw heads for the lock, is under and face the door window. Which means they are locked in with everything else. My question is, does this mean I will have to break the door window to get to those two screw heads to replace the solenoid lock? Will I even be able to reach those screw heads?
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Pete answered 5 years ago

No it should have a pull tab coming down under the lock. It has something stuck in the water pump. If it has a small cover on the bottom with a hose in it, drain the water out from the hose, then unscrew the cover and look inside, something will be stuck in the water pump.