Spin cycle problem on Kenmore front loader

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I have a Kenmore front loader, age unknown but more than 6 years.  The final spin cycle has always been extremely loud, like a plane taking off, but worked fine. Recently the clothes started coming out with rust spots from the little drain holes , although not every time. Then last week we heard a loud clunking/banging sound during the spin cycle (kind if like a loose piece of hardware tossing around, but there wasn't one in with the clothes), though it still worked properly. Today on my second load of laundry the washer stopped allowing the spin cycle to engage, so the clothes came out very wet, and it didn't drain. I assume this was because it sensed the spin cycle wasn't working right. What is the clunking noise? You can hear it when you spin the inner drum by hand, a click once per turn. It's still washing and rinsing the clothes, just not spinning.

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