Sharp Washer SPIN is spinning too slow and clothes are still wet

Aleli Jean Salcedo asked 1 month ago

Hi, i have this SHARP ES-Q70EP Automatic Washing Machine that is only just a year old and “SPIN” is not working well.

“WASH” and “RINSE” mode is working properly, but when it’s time to “SPIN” it’s just spinning too slowly and clothes are still wet after the timer stops.

The last time I used the tub machine, it’s on “RINSE” mode, the loading water stops due to a water interruption here in our area.

When i heard the “ERROR TONE” i checked the tub and there is no water loading.

I pressed the “PAUSE” button and POWER OFF it after.

That’s what happened the last time i used it. Hope you can help me with this so I can save money for the repair. Thank you in advance and have a good day!

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