Samsung (WF-B1061) Washing machine stopped draining

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My Samsung (WF-B1061) Washing machine stopped draining on it 1st Rinse process and did not spin even if i change the wash programs, it was doing the washing process but not draining, called a local tech to check & he couldn't figure out the problem, but he removed the Belt and tested and the spin worked perfectly, (tested with light cloth) tested again without any cloths and it worked well, 2nd test added few cloths this time it did not spin, so he removed the top cover and gave a hard push backwards on drum & it worked, so pls could you help me to find out the problem? its a 6.5kg machine so if add less cloths will it stop like this? mMy floor is not level so made it level with plywood (only for front) still it did not spin, kept it back to normal (slightly frontward) then it works, so is the any problem with drum? did the bearing test but no problem with them either.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Have you run any diagnostic checks? What was the technicians final word?

jerom2008 replied 9 years ago

How to run diagnostic check? i have never done this so no idea how to do itTechnician said that there’s a minor fault in Drain pump as it’s not giving enough pressure to drain the water (but water is draining)

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