Samsung washing Machine will not complete spin cycle

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Samsung washing Machine will not complete spin cycle...has 9 minutes left on timer and then goes back to rinse cycle. Out of balance with a large load and also with a small load.

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Dan answered 7 years ago
Guys, any luck with this problem? Just bought this washer last week and facing the same problem as yours. Sigh answered 7 years ago
I have the same issue.  Final spin cycle gets to about 6 minutes and then goes back up to 10 minutes.  Never seems to enter the really fast spin.  Will do this over and over until I turn the machine off.  All diagnostics show fine.  All hoses are clear and the pump drains the water out of the machine.  Did have an nd code once.  

Mia answered 3 months ago

I to am having a problem with my Samsung front loading machine. If I dont push stop/pause it will go to 2 mintutes and spin forever. Did any one figure it out I had a repairman come and he was unable to fix it but charged $50 for the visit. Help please.

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