Samsung washing machine does not rinse

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesSamsung washing machine does not rinse
Shahana R asked 8 years ago
When I turn on my WF364BTBGR/AR Samsung washing machine it will not through water as it usually does. It does not throw any water in the rinse cycle. It will spin and stop and sit there when the water needs to be thrown in the tub. It does however throw water once only in the wash cycle. I have tried to change the temperatures and that did not work, checked the outlet and the water pressure coming through. That is fine too. I have also cleaned the filter at the front of the machine and still it does not work. Before the machine use to recognize when the machine was empty and would give an error message of it being too light. Now it does not recognize that it is empty and will start spinning but again not throwing any water.