Samsung washer occasionally spins but gets error code 3e

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Samsung Washing MachineSamsung washer occasionally spins but gets error code 3e
Nenad Maksimovic asked 4 years ago
Samsung washer wf1802wfvs displays error 3e. I have checked motor, brushes, wires, tacho and everything is good. I have checked electronic board next to motor and main control board and I can't see any problems. Filters are clean and door switch works. After my first inspection machine worked for once and displayed same error on second washing. Then I called service and repairman couldn't find any problem and after that machine worked for 3 times and now displays the same error code 3E. It takes and releases water without problem but when I should hear "click" from relay to start the motor spinning, nothing happens.

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