Samsung RS263BBWP refrigerator leaking evaporator drain is not frozen or clogged

David Bernard asked 4 weeks ago

There is a slow leak onto the bottom of my refrigerator that is leaking onto the floor. It is coming from the larger bottom vent. I have checked the evaporator drain and it is not frozen or clogged. I have had problems in the past with the defrost heating element and replaced it about 4-5 years ago. Have not had problems since and it appears to be working well because the coils are not frosting over and the drain is not freezing up. I have also checked the drain tubes going to the drain pan and they are not cloged. One issue that I have is that due to me removing the back panel so much in the past when the coils were freezing over, I have broken the Styrofoam casing/seal on the the rear of this panel. I have pieced it together on several occasions but it is probably not sealing this compartment like it should. Could my problem be coming from condensation inside of this vent?

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