Samsung model wf32y8aawxaa wont spin or drain

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Al Brisendine asked 8 years ago
My Samsung Model WF32y8AAW/XAA won't spin or drain. I ran a load of clothes and when the machine came to the rinse/spin cycle, it would spin, but not drain. I stopped the cycle and restarted on spin cycle only with the same result.  I pulled the clothes out and pulled he pump to check for obstructions, but found none. After putting things back together, I tried another rinse/spin cycle. Now it won't even spin. That's where I am now. Please tell there's an easy fix.
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Stacy answered 8 years ago
Did you ever figure it out? Mine is doing the same thing. We took drain pump out and put power to it and it worked just fine, but since it's back in the washer it is still throwing the nd code on the front panel.