Samsung HE Top Loader Problem

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have a Samsung HE Top Loader. Something must have gotten inside one of the loads and it punctured the tub inside because it was leaking. However the washer still worked ok just leaked. It was not too concerning to me because I have a cement basement floor with a drain and the water just ran down the basement drain. However the other day the washer stopped working after it filled up. I went downstairs to get the load out and the washer was filled with water and would/t do anything. I unplugged the washer let it sit and plugged it back in still nothing. All the lights will come on-it plays the start up note when you turn it on and acts like ti is washing but nothing is happening inside. I even tried just the spin cycle. Could the fact that the tub had a hole in it have done something to damage it else or could this be related to something else. Thanks.