Samsung Front Loader is having trouble spinning

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Samsung Washing MachineSamsung Front Loader is having trouble spinning
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Samsung model no. WF218ANW/XAA I recently moved and re-installed the washing machine in my new apartment. Upon installation, I ran a Sanitize cycle where everything started working normally. I left to let the cycle finish and when I returned, I was given an E3 error code (the motor is attempting to run but the sensor shows that the motor is not moving). To try and find the problem, we emptied the water out and cleaned the filter and then ran the spin cycle. During the spin cycle, the drum would sometimes spin, and it seemed that it would have trouble switching directions. However, it did successfully spin in the opposite direction. It sounds like the motor is trying to spin but that something else is stopping it. I tried to spin the drum manually and there seems to be a significant amount of resistance as it takes some effort to spin it. I believe that this resistance is the cause of our issues, but I have no idea what might be causing the resistance. Can you offer guidance on where we should be checking? Thanks!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

On that exact model Samsung washer, we have seen the wiring harness detach or become loose behind the control board causing all sorts of odd issues. First thing to do is remove the front panel and be sure ALL wiring harnesses are in place and secure.<br><br>It could also be a loose or damaged stator or hall sensor. Check the hall sensor first. It may be loose and it's a common problem on that machine.

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