Samsung fridge not cooling – Stopped working

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ryan highfill asked 5 years ago
Hi. The freezer on my fridge stopped working. It seemed like the fridge part was still working but if it was working for a day or so, it has stopped working. I pulled the overload and start relay off of the side of the compressor and the overload rattled when I shook it. I bought a Supco 3n1 to replace the overload/start relay. I hooked up the 3 wires to the side of the compressor. There are 2 wires left to hook up on the Supco. There are 2 wires attached to the overload. I checked the 2 wires on the overload with a meter. One had voltage on it and the other didn't. I hooked these 2 wires to the Supco using the provided wire nuts and plugged in the fridge. I thought that the compressor would come on but as far as I could tell, it did not. I don't know if I have the Supco hooked up correctly or if there's another problem. I would greatly appreciate any help I could get.

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