Samsung freezer stops running after a few hours

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago
How to troubleshoot our refrigerator issues. Our Samsung Rb1944sl freezer on the bottom stops running after a few hours. When we unplug it, it kicks back on, brings fridge/freezer back down to their temp presets then will shut off. Could it be the temperature sensors in both compartments? The fan comes on and so does the compressor.
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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
HI, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your freezer. Your issue could be from a faulty thermistor, however... the separate sections both have several thermistors and for multiple to fail at once is unlikely. There are two thermistors per compartment. Two are defrost thermistors and two are temperature thermistors. Thermal fuses are there for protection in case the defrost heater stays on to prevent overheating. There is one thermal fuse per evaporator and they have nothing to do with cooling unless they have both gone bad. The defrost would never happen and you'd have frost accumulation on the evaporators which would choke off air flow. If the compressor relay was bad, then the compressor would not run at all. So narrowing down what the problem could be is this... The main control board is what controls every aspect of your refrigerator. The problem you are having seems to be a bad main control board. You may want to run a few tests and see if the thermistors are working properly before buying the control board. -ARQ