Samsung dryer squeak, pop, now won’t run or blow air

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersSamsung dryer squeak, pop, now won’t run or blow air
Jim Prince asked 5 years ago
Samsung DV50K8600E/A3 dryer. Started occasionally squealing a couple of weeks ago. Couple of days ago my wife said it was running, there was a loud pop (not a bang), and it stopped running. It will turn on with the panel lighting up. I can change all the settings on the panel except the temperature setting. When pressing the start button it shows to be drying but does not turn or blow air. I have not opened the housing. Guessing the squeal was from rollers/belt/motor, but was also wondering what else could be involved (thermal switches, fuses, etc) and how to check them out during the diagnostic phase.

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