Samsung Dryer Not Heating Properly

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Having heating problems with my Samsung Gas dryer. From no heat at all in the drum, to sometimes partial heat. We cleaned the exhaust vent all the way to where it exits outside. We have noticed a buzzing noise that occurs in 15 second duration every 60-75 seconds while the dryer is running. Can you help in solving this issue for us?

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 9 years ago
Hello, Sounds as if it could be a gas valve problem. Open the top of the dryer and turn the dryer on to see if you see an orange glow and hear the gas going in. This is the igniter in a gas dryer. If the gas only goes in for a few seconds then the problem is the igniter. One of the thermostats or limiters could be faulty and not able to read the temperature output.

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