Samsung Dryer keeps shorting no heat

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersSamsung Dryer keeps shorting no heat
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Samsung dv220aew/xaa. Stopped blowing heat. So changed complete heating element assembly and thermistor and thermal fuse cleaned inside machine and fired it up. Still no heat. So did research and decided to look at main control board. Well it had a fried spot on it. Repaired wire and changed new board. Fired up machine and it dried 3 loads of laundry great. Shut it off woke up next morning and smelled burnt plastic. The new board shorted in same spot again and I have no heat again. I have not used meter on breaker or outlet yet but logic tells me even if those are running low it would not fry that spot on board that controls heat? Maybe the motor is doing it? Need help there is nothing left to replace in here. Thanks Jim

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