Samsung Dryer Heating Assembly

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Mia Thorpe asked 1 year ago
I recently purchased a second-hand Samsung front load dryer, model DV42H5600, in red. It didn't come with a heating assembly, so I ordered a replacement part (DC97-14486A) directly from Samsung for $250. However, I accidentally bought a two-wire assembly instead of the required three-wire assembly (DC93-00154A). Unfortunately, the part I purchased was a final sale item and cannot be returned. I'm now trying to figure out what my options are. Given my situation as a single parent with budget constraints, I'm wondering if it's possible to adapt what I have. One thought I had was whether I could safely cap off the ground and just connect the two wires. Alternatively, is there a way to modify the block to accommodate three wires? Any advice or suggestions on how to handle this situation without having to purchase another costly part would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.