Samsung Clothes dryer go from 3 prong to 4 prong elec cord

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago
I bought a new Samsung clothes dryer and I need to put a 4 prong electrical plug prong on it. It now has a 3 prong plug. Do I need any pointers before I do this myself? I am not an electrician and I don't have much experience. Thanks in advance!

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
Here is the easiest way to remove and replace the cord...   Step 1: Open the access panel
Unplug the dryer.
Open the access panel where the cord enters the back of the dryer.
Use pieces of masking tape to label which colored wire attaches to each terminal.The wires are typically color-coded, with a black wire on one end, a white wire in the middle and a red wire on the other end.   Step 2: Remove the old cord
Loosen the connection screws holding the wires in place.
Disconnect the ground wire or strap that connects the center terminal to the case.
Use pliers to hold the strain relief bracket in place while loosening the bracket's screws.
Remove the old cord.   Step 3: Attach the new cord
Note: When replacement cord wires are color coded, simply match the colors of the new cord’s wires to those on the terminal block.   3-Prong Cord
Attach the middle or ground wire to the center terminal one of the outer wires to the right terminal and the other outer wire to the left terminal.
Attach the ground strap or wire that runs from the center terminal to the dryer case.
4-Prong Cord
Attach the white wire to the center terminal, the red wire to the right terminal with the red wire installed, and the black wire to the left terminal with the black wire installed.
Attach the green wire to the green grounding screw or to the dryer case.
Remove the masking tape labels.   Step 4: Replace the access panel
Fit the strain relief bracket into the cord access hole and evenly tighten both bracket screws firmly onto the cord.
Don’t skip this step--the bracket protects the connections and helps avoid a possible short if the cord is yanked.
Replace the access panel on the back of the dryer.   Step 5: Test the dryer
Make sure the power to the dryer outlet is turned off.
Plug the dryer into the outlet.
Turn on the power to the outlet and test your dryer.

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