Replacement drain pump for an LG WT 1101 CW top-load washing machine

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Clem C. asked 3 years ago
I have diagnosed the no-drain issue with my LG WT 1101 CW top-loading washer as the drain pump. I purchased a new pump for the machine from LG's parts supplier, but when it arrived the wiring harnesses were different from the original one in the machine (additional black and white wires with white connector blocks on either end that have no place to connect to in the machine's wiring harnesses. The old pump has only a gray and a blue wire with a blue connector block on the end that fits into a blue connector block in the machine's wiring harness. IMG_4104 shows the old pump (bottom) and new pump (top). You can see the difference in the wiring harnesses. The white-ended wires are white and black. The "extra" white-ended wires don't have anyplace to connect to on the washer. IMG_4108 shows the connector on the machine's wiring harness for the blue-ended wire that goes from the pump to the harness. The blue-ended wires on both pumps have one gray and one blue wire. I'm assuming it would be okay to just connect the blue connector to the machine harness and tape the ends of the white-ended wires with electrical tape to keep any moisture out of them. Wondering why the difference since my machine has never been serviced since we bought it new at Lowe's and so no one has tampered with the wiring on the pump to cause it to be \"missing\" the white-ended wiring harness.

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