Refrigerator not cooling freezer at 20 degrees

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Refrigerator started freezing everything then after weeks of that the fridge got to 65 degrees and ruining food while the freezer was at 20 degrees and ice is melting. No noises anywhere, no clicking. Lights work and a fan is blowing a tag on the back outside of the unit.  Help what is wrong. 2013 Whirlpool unit with the freezer on the bottom.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Check the Temperature Setting Knobs<br><br>Check for proper Airflow<br><br>Check the Condenser Coils<br>If not clean and full of dust or pet hair…. your fridge will have issues cooling.<br>Use a vacuum and clean them.<br><br>Test the Compressor<br>Disconnect power to fridge for 3 hours. <br>After 3 hours plug the fridge back in. <br>If compressor runs, there could be a problem due to the compressor overheating.<br>You should ask a fridge repairman to look into this issue.<br><br>Check the Defrost Setting