Refrigerator-Leaking Problems when Trying to Change Water Filter (Leak at Water Dispenser and Inside Filter Area)

Erin asked 1 month ago

I have a Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator (model number FRS26ZSH) that needed a Pure Source Water Filter replacement (RC-200). I could not get the cap off to remove the filter. I had to turn the water off to the house to get the cap off to access the water filter. I changed the water filter. But now the water dispenser leaks water. I thought there was air in the line and I ran the water constantly for 3 gallons. I put the old filter back in and the dispenser still leaked so I had to put on the Auto-Lock to stop the drip. The old filter leaked until I hammered it into a “non-leak” position. I have no drips currently now but I also cannot use the water or ice on the door. Plus now the old filter must stay on. I do not understand what is going on nor how to fix it? It would seem like such a simple thing to just change the filter which I have done many times before.Thanks for your assistance

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