Refrigerator is cooling but freezer not freezing like it used to

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsRefrigerator is cooling but freezer not freezing like it used to
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Kenmore Elite Trio Fridge....bottom freezer... . all fans work, freezer, fridge and compressor fan blows cool, not cold air.... .... no ice build up, problem was noticed when water was on the floor.. think it was from the ice maker not working and just overflowing the pan underneath.  My concern is that it is the relay, the Freon in the compressor is low, or the compressor is failing... it is a Tecumseh compressor I am pretty sure... Fridge model # 596.7503200. I have worked on it last two nights...  Cannot afford a new on, I can do almost any part of it, and have access to help if is the compressor.... I don't think it is anything else like the thermostat or defrost circuit...there is no timer on this one that I can see... and no frost build up in freezer.  I cleaned all the coils underneath, they were filthy.... not really hearing any clicking of note... Suggestions?
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

When the humidity gets high you may have to change the settings to a "moisture" setting. When the air is drier outside the setting should be at "normal". <br><br>This may not be the issue in your case but it sounds like everything is working properly from your explanation. <br><br>Also, if you stock the freezer way too full, this blocks the fans and airflow and the freezer will not freeze thoroughly. <br><br>Also, check for dust build up under your fridge. This could be causing a problem. <br><br>If it still doesn't work correctly, you more than likely need freon added or replace the complete compressor if you can find one cheap.

gcsclan replied 9 years ago

Thank you so much for the quick response! I did clean the coils, but I did not say that it was more like dust elephants than dust bunnies under there…. its like a complete dust worlds or even a whole dust universe in there.. I used a long brush and the crevice tool to clean it all out spic and span. I put my appliance thermometer in the freezer this morning and left it for the day, about 9 hrs, and checked, It was down to 10º F! It was on the #4 setting, I am not sure if that is the related temp for that setting, but I am thinking in the am if it is lower, I might be good… and you make a good point.. it was PACKED with food, and I think it had been left open for a while…. SOOOOO… that with the dirt etc.. would make it hard to cool and add up to what you were talking about. I am sure… I was thinking it could be low on Freon… and was going to add some, but will wait on that.. I also ordered a relay and capacitor which wont hurt….THANKS! I will let you know with happens a day or so from now!G

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Sounds like the dirt and dust was most likely causing issues. Also too many items in the freezer is restricting airflow. You may not even need to replace the cap and relay. If the temp does not get low enough, you can replace them and see if that fixed your issue.

gcsclan replied 9 years ago

The results are mixed: Its colder, both top and bottom, but I am not sure it is as cold as it should be. Freezer is about 15 or so, ice maker is making ice, about like it always did, top seems ok, only a few food items in both…. my full size freezer I know is below 0, about -5 to -10…. should my refrigerator freezer be that cold? I will replace the cap when I get it…. it did not rattle, well a tiny about, but it did smell like it had been hot… if that makes sense. I have read that if you add refrigerant and it is not needed….what should the reading be if the level is correct, like around 5psi or so? Thanks, this is really helping to have some answers!G

gcsclan replied 9 years ago

Ok, got the new start relay and cap, installed and it all runs like before… I also got an ammeter and cked the running amps on the compressor… if I understand correctly what the draw should be, then it is low on refrigerant…. I think the reading should be between 1 to 1.4 amps…. I was reading about ,4 to .5 amps… Seems to indicate the compressor is not working, like its not pumping refrigerant? So it has some, was thinking about just adding two ozs and see what that does…. what do you all think?G

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