Refrigerator and freezer not cooling properly

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Mike asked 3 years ago
Hi,I have a GE Profile side by side refrigerator. It is model number PZS22MSKEHSS. It is only two years old. Last night before I went to bed, I noticed things in the top part of the refigerator and freezer were getting warmer, but the bottom parts were still nice and cold. I checked the temperature setting, and found out that the freezer is saying it is 12 degrees, and the refrigerator part is saying it is 55 degrees. The factory settings are 0 and 37 degrees respectively. This morning I checked again, and it is exactly the same. The ice in the icemaker has melted in the freezer part, but the frozen fish at the bottom is still totally frozen. Same thing in the refrigerator part. The fruit in the top part is warm, but the meat and cheeses at the bottom are nice and cold. The temperature readings this morning are still close to the same as last night. 11 degrees in the freezer part, and 54 degrees in the refrigerator part. Can someone tell me what the problem is, and if I can fix it myself or need a repair technician ? Thanks so much for all your help !

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