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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Dryer is close to a wall;  it's hard to pull out and not much space to move around if i do.... the vent hose is behind an on the bottom. It keeps coming undone and hot air comes out into the room.... i have duct taped it up, works for a couple of times; i have put super duper rhino tape on it, keeps coming apart. what to do? i have no one to help me and it's mine, so the landlord won't help. this is a great site; thanks!!!
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

We understand it is not an easy task to do yourself. Try to pull the dryer out enough to where you can see the complete dryer vent hose. Is it to short? Meaning when you pull the dryer from the wall does it always come off the dryer when you do? The best thing to do is just purchase a new vent hose that has the proper ends on it to attach to the wall and the dryer. If you are using duct tape, remember that a very high temp is coming out of the dryer and making the adhesive on the duct tape practically melt and fall off. Look on Amazon for a Dryer Vent Hose Kit. Get one long enough that wont pull off when you have to slide the dryer forward.

sealoverxx replied 9 years ago

thanks for such a fast response! ..however, the vent house is really long.. goes under the floor to the basement (where i can’t get at it). the hose evidently comes apart right at the dryer.. the little wire thing came off. yes i probably need a new hose but have no idea how to put it down into the basement, unless it could fit inside the existing one. i can barely move around to attach it to the dryer anyway ;-)..thus the tape. takes me long enough to do that. any idea for stronger/heat resistant tape?thanks again…

sealoverxx replied 9 years ago

* that is HOSE, not house 😉

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

If that is the case you could try a metal or heat resistant band that can fit over the hose to hold it in place. There are metal “hold” brackets that you can buy that should have come with the existing hose. Check online as they are only a few dollars. Type in DRYER HOSE CLAMP.

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