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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Is it possible to use a 2M244-M6 magnetron as a replacement for the original 2M236-M42 magnetron of a Panasonic NN-F 661B (Inverter) microwave oven?
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Anonymous answered 9 years ago
The answer is definitely NO, at least mechanically! Despite the dimensions of both magnetrons are in principle identical it turned out that the mounting straps and, even more important, the cooling fins of the 2M244-M6 are oriented in the perpendicular direction compared with the 2M236-M42. So, even if one is able to mount the 2M244-M6 somehow in the prescribed position in the oven it would not get enough cooling air. Next question would be if the electrical properties are similar enough (think so) but this is no longer of interest. (Answered by the questionnaire himself.)