Overloaded washer now will not work

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE Washing MachineOverloaded washer now will not work
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Overloaded wash spin cycle didn't work. Could hear motor. Drained water. Next filled for small load to test and control panel lights would light up randomly. Example when in wash cycle the rinse light was on. Machine was 399. Is it worth it to have GE repair check it out at $90 to enter house. Plus parts & labor. Only 2 years old. Last repair was last year at this time cost over $300 for the counter weight to be replaced. What are your personal thoughts. Had a repair man here today said it wasn't worth it to him to try to fix. If it is the motor it would be too expensive. His visit he waived the $90 fee.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

You have a few options here…<br><br>First, did the repairman open the machine up and let you know if anything in the machine was not repairable?<br><br>You can try the reset by unplugging machine for about 5 minutes, also open the bottom of the machine and be sure the tub is centered and that the springs or similar are still in place.<br><br>If the controls are malfunctioning as in "light up randomly", you may have a short in a wire. <br><br>Open the machine up at the control panel and be sure you see not frayed or burned wires.<br><br>The best advice we can give is that if your machine is under 400 bucks, search around and see if you can find a rebuilt used machine and hopefully they will trade in your old machine.

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