Oven Does Not Reach Temp – Kenmore Elite Induction Range

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Kenmore Oven StoveOven Does Not Reach Temp – Kenmore Elite Induction Range
Karen asked 6 years ago
Kenmore induction range 79095073310, about 5 years old. Used oven maybe 50 times no trouble. One day oven would never get to a set temperature. Sears help had me buy temp sensor, elements, then computer board. Appliance repairman (not sears) says that old and new sensor are fine, all elements are fine. Installed computer board. Oven gets to default 350 temp fast and accurately. It will then stop and not go back on. Oven can never reach a set temp. I find it hard to believe that a new control board acts this way. Is there a system reset? Something I do not know? Oven has been calibrated. There is not a thermal sensor in the oven.

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