New Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems – No Lights – Temperature Issues

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsNew Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems – No Lights – Temperature Issues
Kenneth Thompson asked 5 years ago
Bought a Whirlpool French Door 4 door model in May. First problem was no lights worked on the inside. Took three weeks to get the LED power supply replaced. Then it took some adjusting the temperatures to get it to be cold enough top and bottom, setting it to 36 deg for the top and -2 deg for the freezer so the ice cream would stay firm. Temperatures range from 36 to 41 top, and 0 to 13 in the freezer. Then there is an issue with the doors ... the right door is 1/4 in higher at the top than the left door, and the gap between the doors and the center drawer is 1/4 narrower under the right door than the left door. As it sits now on the wheels, the cabinet is level left to right and front to back. If I lower the left brake foot to even out the doors, the cabinet is slightly off level, and the gap still is uneven. If I lower the right brake foot to level the cabinet, the doors become uneven again. The repair tech said he did not recommend using the brake feet to adjust the doors, because it puts some torque on the cabinet. I just would like a second opinion. How critical is the door alignment, and do these issues sound like enough to push for a replacement under warranty?

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