Miele Gas Dryer T9822 Laundry Over Drying

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gary blasberg asked 3 years ago
I have a Miele Gas Dryer, model T9822, and I'm experiencing a problem where my laundry is being excessively overdried, particularly when using the 'Extra Dry' setting. This is a recent issue, as I haven't had this problem with the dryer in the past. The over-drying is significant and consistent, indicating that it might not just be a one-time occurrence or a minor glitch. Given that this wasn't an issue before, I'm concerned about what might have changed or malfunctioned in the dryer to cause such extreme drying. Could there be a specific component that's responsible for regulating the drying intensity or duration that might be failing? Any insights or suggestions on what could be causing this sudden change in the dryer's performance and how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

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