Maytag washer spin not well

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Maytag MVWC360AW0 3yr old washer is not spinning well. This is top loading washer. In both normal mode and spin/drain mode, washer does not spin well and clothes wet. drain pump sounds only. the spin do happens but not spinning as to dry clothe well. Adjusted clothe evenly but does not change situation. In manual test mode, it does spin for both slow an high spin mode. But high spin mode, I hear strange sound (not metal sound but may be friction sound). Reading service technicians manual and I replaced with new condenser but did not change situation. - Tachometer verification Mode = done. O.K - drum spin freely by hand. - Lid lock works. Since the sound at high spin was not happening when brand-new, I'm considering to change Washer clutch assembly Part #: W10326374. However, Washer electronic control board Part #: W10520038 or Washer actuator Part #: W10006355 might be the case... Please help. Thank you