Maytag Washer – Not all water draining from the outer tub

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Maytag Washing MachineMaytag Washer – Not all water draining from the outer tub
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I replaced the tub bearings and seals and upon running the first cycle the machine was making a "banging" noise on high spin.  I think the tub was so out of balance that the counter weights may have been hitting the cabinet.  I disassembled the lower drain to make sure there was no blockage and that the ball was reinstalled correctly.  Everything looked fine.  I ran an additional load and the noise was gone and it seemed to spin in balance at high speeds.  I shook the drum and no water left in the bottom of the tub.  Load two, banging noise out of balance problem again.  At end of cycle water was present in the bottom of the drum again.  The water pump seems to be operating normal no weird noises.  I did not have any of the issues before a replaced the bearings.  Any ideas what I can do next?

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