Maytag Washer F21 Error Fixed But Still Leaking

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Maytag Washing MachineMaytag Washer F21 Error Fixed But Still Leaking
Ryan Bailey asked 8 years ago
This last weekend had the F21 error come up again on my washer. This has happened before and i was able to remove all debris and the code was removed from the Washer. Now the washer will run but has a leak in what appears to be Washer Drain Pump Assembly. If I run the washer the leak will occur directly at the Pump during the first 6 minutes of the cycle. The pump does not seem to leak during a Spin and Drain cycle. Does anybody have any suggestions before i have to call out a repair man? Do i need to replace the pump? Thanks for the help. RB

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