Maytag Neptune Washer does not spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My Maytag Neptune washer all of sudden does not spin when the cycle comes to spin. It does the rest of tasks fine, such as washing, draining. I also notice that the Door Locked light is not on as it should be. The model of my washer is Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWQ. It is front-load. Any suggestion as to what has gone wrong would be greatly appreciated.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Some potential causes when the machine has no spin action:<br><br>Binding in the door latch assembly. (especially if you've changed your wax motor) <br><br>The colored pull cord getting caught on something in washer.<br><br>The Z spring clip is not keeping the wax motor to the far right.<br><br>The spin enable switch is worn out.<br><br>Check the wiring integrity from the upper control board to the spin enable switch.<br><br>Wax motor is worn out or weak.<br><br>Upper control board is worn out. (verify board is getting spin enable switch signal)<br><br>Check the continuity of the tub displacement, strut displacement and inertial balance switches with ohmmeter.

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