Maytag MVWB766FW1 – Not powering on

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Sarah asked 3 years ago
Hello,My Maytag MVWB766FW1 is unresponsivie. When I press or press and hold the power button, nothing happens. I have run through the basic DIY checks for this machine - checked circut breaker, checked power outlet, tested power cord with multimeter. I have cleaned the common area on the backside of user contol panel with alcohol to remove any corrosion. Nothing has helped. Is there an area I can test on the internal control panel that will tell me it\'s faulty?In a situation like this is it wiser to replace the control board or the user control panel first? I do not see any signs of internal control board failure (no burn marks or corrosion) but the entire board is sealed in what seems to be a pool of epoxy so, it could be that I just can\'t see it. I have ordered both the internal control panel and the user control panel.Are there any other areas I should check to see if they are faulty?Thank you for your help.

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