Maytag LAT2500AAE Washer Off Balance Issue

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have an Maytag LAT2500AAE Washer, I was having an off balance issue with this machine. While researching what the cause could be I discovered that the bearing assembly was installed upside down from the factory. I made an assumption that this would be the culprit. I have since replaced the bearing and seal with nominal effect. The machine is better, however the inner tub still appears to be misaligned with the outer tub, resulting in a continued off balance issue. This is readily apparent when ran empty. Also, there was a wide band of greasy residue flung inside of the cabinet. Despite my best effort I could not determine the exact source of this goo. When I saw this, I had assumed that it was little bits of drive belt, however it was grease. Thirdly, a friend of mine actually had a set of new balance springs for this model, so I replaced the old set as well. Is it as simple as trying to align the tubs? Does the grease give any clues?

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