Maytag Gas Dryer Igniter Is Not Glowing

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersMaytag Gas Dryer Igniter Is Not Glowing
Alex asked 7 years ago
Maytag Gas Dryer MDG5500AWW igniter is not glowing. I've checked for continuity a thermal fuse, cycling and high limit thermostats, radiant sensor, solenoid coils and igniter itself. All of those have continuity and the igniter showed 60 om, solenoid coils 1300, 500 and 1300 om. Then I replaced the main control board refurbished by CoreCentric Solutions. Nothing is changed: upon starting a drum is rotating but the igniter is not glowing. My questions are:How to test the control board? If it is not defective, what might be wrong?

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